Dress code: The first step to success

Dress code is very important for everyone. Everyone should have a good idea about this because it depends on your personality, identity, position, even success! But many of us have vague ideas about clothing. So, we are organizing this today to give an overall idea of ​​where and what kind of clothes should be worn and above all the dress code.

Dress code is basically an unwritten rule according to which people have to wear appropriate clothes in different places or times. Of course, this is not always unwritten. Because many times the dress code is mentioned in the office or event. Wearing precise clothing is indicative of regularity and taste. Just as it helps you to concentrate on work at work, it also helps you to relax and unwind when you are traveling or chatting with friends.You probably don’t want to hang out with friends informal shirts and pants! Similarly, going to the office wearing shorts may not be desirable in any way.

Many people think that the problem of dress code starts when they enter the workplace. At university you might wear colored jeans with a T-shirt with the Che Guevara logo, girls might wear a dark-colored salwar kameez, with a variety of ornaments. But when it comes time to enter the workplace, the problem of dress code starts. In fact, this is not the case at all, the dress code is not only relevant when going to the office.

Workplace, campus, outdoors, and even at home have different dress codes. Again, different departments within the same organization may have different outfits. For example, the creative department or technical branch of the organization does not have such rules of dress. But executives, media in these branches are usually dressed in formal attire because they work directly with the customer. In the service or sales branch, there is a trend of wearing semi-casual or business casual clothes.

General categories of Men’s Clothing


(1) Streetwear

Although the name sounds like street clothes, streetwear basically means clothes worn at home. In this fashion, half sleeve t-shirt is worn with half-pants or three-quarter pants. If you want you can also wear loose trousers. The feet may have sandals, loafers, etc. This type of dress will be comfortable and suitable even if you are trekking with friends or going on a trip to the beach.

(2) Casual

Casual clothing is suitable for outdoor activities, shopping, etc. Full-sleeved or half-sleeved shirts or T-shirts – both can be worn. Casual clothing comes in a variety of colors and designs. Can be worn with jeans or gabardine pants. There is no barrier to having different colors and designs in both the shirt pants. The feet will have sandals, sneakers or loafers.

(3) Business casual


There is a little formal touch inside the casual look in a business casual fashion. Many people nowadays wear business casual in the office. However, not all offices allow business casual attire. It depends on the institutional customs. Polo T-shirts and gabardine pants are suitable for this category.

Keep in mind, T-shirts need to have collars and both T-shirts and pants need to be relatively less designer and decent. Such clothes are quite comfortable on official trips. In the case of shoes, shoes with a casual look will be more suitable after not wearing formal shoes.

(4) Smart casual

Smart casuals have a balanced coexistence of formal and casual wear. The stylish look can also be enhanced inside the formal, which is at the same time professional and comfortable again. You can wear ordinary shirt-pants, shirt pants can have gonja or in. A stylish tie would look good. Leather Jacket style coats are more suitable than ordinary blazers. You can also wear plain jeans.

(5) Business Formal


What we usually mean by formal attire is business formal, which is completely official attire. Must actually have a complete blazer set or suit. You can wear white, light blue, cream, etc. full sleeve shirts. Lightly striped shirts are also suitable. There will be a tie with the shirt.

Pants and belts must also be formal. An ordinary dial belt or chain watch can be in hand. Although Oxford shoes are more suitable, ordinary formal shoes are more popular as they are difficult to wear and open. You can wear shirt pants and a tie without a seasoned suit.

(6) Semi-formal or black tie

It is basically a dress worn at a party or night party. This is the kind of tuxedo we see in Hollywood movies. Special suits are worn, with brightly colored silk fabrics on the front lapels and bow ties. The feet will have patent leather Oxfam, Opera pump shoes, which must be shiny.

Where to wear what?

Clothing should be chosen very carefully during job interviews. There may be white, light blue- or light-colored monochrome shirts, formal pants, and ties. The feet will have black formal shoes. The interview is a sensitive matter. So you should keep an eye on the details. No ties, tie pins, and coatpins should be worn that contain anything irrelevant. Such as the flag of a different country or the brand logo of a company.

Salwar kameez or sari can be worn for girls in the interview, it should be monochromatic, but lightly patterned. Very bright colors like orange, red, etc. should be avoided. The normal type of shoes should be worn and jewelry should be worn in small quantities. The same type of dress will also apply to the everyday official dress of girls.

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