Business Monitoring Tool – Monitor Your Employee’s Hidden Activity At The Workplace

Business monitoring is a pivotal subject in today’s world. However, when it comes to the importance of these two things, then it brings to the importance of people worried, struggling, hard to think about what they must do.

Then employers must compete with their competitors with every aspect like quantity, quality, and several other things. New cell phones have their significance and are worthy of employers for the growth of their business. However, in some cases, it has also become the reason to create the reasons for hurdles in their business growth. Therefore, a hidden-phone tracker is essential for business monitoring.

Why are cell phone trackers important for employers?

·         Importance for business monitoring

Most employees are these days wasting their working hours on the company’s owned cell phones. They used to make long phone calls, social media apps usage, text messaging, and working emails during their working hours. All these factors are essential for affecting the company’s productivity, and employers must deal with huge losses.

It is the reason that all business owners need to use tracking apps for mobile phones. Suppose you look at the stats of the employees working online and wasting hours online. Then you will get an idea of how harmful this problem is.

How to work with business digital monitoring?

If you are running a big company, it is even more problematic for you to monitor every employee in the office. However, when you are running a big company, then employee monitoring software is essential.

You can put the employees monitoring software into your employee’s cell phone with all the legal consent, and in this way, you can put all the worries to rest. You can also track your employee’s calls from the secret call recorder with the company-owned devices.

·         Social media tracker

Similarly, you can use the social media tracker app to know about the target cell phone’s activities. Also, you will know about the trendy instant messaging apps of the target cell phone.

·         Email tracker

Employers can know about all the sent and received emails on the employees with respective time stamps. Moreover, employers can check and track all the texts, incoming and outgoing calls. Also, you need to give them access to the fullest of internet access.

·         GPS Location tracker

Additionally, you even know about the employer’s GPS tracker. Also, you will know about the employer’s exact and current location. In addition to this, you will also track the location history. Moreover, you can even restrict the areas and location of the employees, respectively.

·         Bugging cell phone microphone

You can also track the employees’ phones remotely and get control over the target cell phone after bugging the MIC. In this way, you can listen to the surrounding conversation and sounds.

·         Control over employers back and front camera

You can also control your employee’s cell phone tracker by controlling their front and back cameras. In this way, you will know about the surrounding visuals by controlling the target cell phone camera.

·         Screen recording

In addition to this, you can even record the employee’s screen activities by controlling employees’ phones and kids with live phone monitoring and screen tracking tools. Moreover, it will empower you to make all the back to back short videos of the screen.

·         Online control panel

You can store all the short videos and recordings on the online control panel. In this way, you do not need to load on your control panel. MocoSpy has the ideal control panel through which you can save all your recordings online.


MocoSpy is the ideal mobile tracker that is best for employee monitoring.

In addition to this, MocoSpy is the only tracking app that is best to perform stealth monitoring to stay updated about your company’s cell phone activities.

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